Top 10 Lazy Dog Breeds – Top Dog Breeds That Love To Be Lazy. I prefer lazy dog breeds, and I’m not alone. For many potential dog owners, a lazy dog is the best choice. Lazy dog breeds don’t require much exercise, and most of them are super laid-back pooches who don’t want to exert… (0 comment)

Tips on Training Your Dogs Effectively
Just like a new member of a household, you need to train your dogs how to behave. By nature, your dog wants to please you. Every action they make, they want your approval. But it cannot be done without being taught what you expect from them. Here are some essential training tips that every dog… (0 comment)

3 Cute and Funny Dog Tricks You Can Teach Your Dog
Dogs are not just our protector against bad elements, but they also provide us with hours of entertainment and endless love and affection. After your busy day in the office, you will get relieved when you come home with your dog jumping and licking excited to see you. If you treat your dogs right, they… (0 comment)

How to Manage French Bulldog Health Problems
The French bulldog is a good dog with some structural problems that pet owners should be aware of. Frenchies are basically a brachycephalic breed that is short and compact with a screw tail. It is prone to some health problems associated with these conformational features. Below are some of the French bulldog health problems that… (0 comment)

How to Keep French Bulldog Adult Coat Shiny
One indication of a healthy French bulldog is having a beautiful shiny coat. So, if your French bulldog has a shiny coat, it only means that your dog is optimally healthy and happy. Below are tips on how to keep a French bulldog adult coat shiny.   Feeding your French bulldog properly is one way… (0 comment)

How to Clean a Bulldog’s Wrinkles?
Bulldogs have distinct wrinkles on their face. This makes them look unique and attractive. However, these wrinkles require proper attention and cleaning that if neglected could lead to health problems and painful skin conditions. Keeping these wrinkles clean does not require special tricks, only your time and dedication. Here are tips on how to clean… (0 comment)

French Bulldog Colors and Pattern
One of the favorite features of French Bulldogs is their different colors and patterns. Deciding which color to choose is a hard task with all those wonderful French bulldog colors. To give you an idea of how each bulldog looks like, below are some Frenchies popular colors and patterns. Brindle Frenchies This type of Frenchie… (0 comment)

Two of the Cutest and Most Popular Small Dog Breeds
Small dog breeds are the preferred pet of most families living in the city and apartment. Most professionals and families with children also choose to have smaller dogs. To help you out in choosing the right pet here are some of the cutest small dogs that you can consider to take care of. The French… (0 comment)